Choose from a wide range of fabrics, all strictly produced by the most prestigious Italian textile brands.

For your shirt you can choose different fabrics, finishes and color combinations. Our offer of fabrics and designs is constantly evolving, following the progress and new trends in fashion and the textile industry.

The history of the Canclini Tessile began in 1925 when it was born as a silk industry in the Como district. In the 1960’s, the first generational change took place: the experience gained in the production of a noble and high-grade product such as silk induced the family to leave the silk sector in the 1960s and to turn to the cotton yarn. This choice was fruitful, as in the following years, fabric sales extend to the overseas markets, in Germany and France. At the end of the eighties, the company’s business gained momentum from the purchase of state-of-the-art machinery.Today, the company is one of the leading brands in the field of quality fabrics for shirts.

Cotonificio Albini SpA is an Italian company based in Albino (province of Bergamo) which operates since 1876 in the textile sector, producing high-quality shirt fabrics.
In 1992, two British brands, “Thomas Mason” and “David & John Anderson”, were acquired, together with their historical archive of over 600 volumes of inestimable value.
The expansion process was continued with new production sites and the purchase of the “Albiate 1830” brand.

Creativity, innovation and experimentation: these are the coordinates that characterize the research journey of which Albiate 1830 is the absolute protagonist. Thanks to its dynamic and pioneering identity, it is able to reveal new itineraries and pristine destinations for contemporary casualwear, in a journey of exploration that reinforces the link with emerging fashion trends, without ever losing sight of the exceptional manufacturing tradition that gives almost two centuries is the heart of the brand. An essence that drives Albiate 1830’s Italian Textile Explorers to create fabrics of unparalleled style and quality. With its sports bases, eccentric prints, original jacquards and shades of a thousand shades, Albiate 1830 is aimed at a young public with a rebellious soul, confirming itself as the undisputed leader in luxury streetwear. Albiate 1830 is much more than a brand: it is the expression of a unique creative research, in which exclusive raw materials, iconic details and experimentation give life to an unexpected and surprising journey of style.

Founded in Lancashire in 1796 by entrepreneur Thomas Mason, the brand was a reference point in the world of English shirts for the elegance and quality of its products. Acquired by the Albini Group in 1992, Thomas Mason reinterprets his rich heritage in a modern and original way, through double twisted fabrics created with the fine linen of Normandy and the precious Egyptian cotton Giza 45 and Giza 87.
Our shirts are made exclusively in Italy with fabrics produced in Italy.